Company Introduction


Nowadays, barbecue is not a cuisine but a culture. It has even become an eating lifestyle in many countries.  For decades, barbecue as an entertainment event has bonded families and friends in the most traditional way.

In Japan and Korea, barbecue is an occasion for sake and sochu respectively. While in China, South-east Asia, as well as in some European countries such as Turkey, Greece and Brazil, it is a favourite snacking pastime.

Our company founder, Mr. Ian Cheung, realizing the extensive potential for barbecue snacks in the food industry, began an 
in-depth research into any specialized equipment available in year 2000.  His research showed that the market was lacking a piece of equipment that could simultaneously easily handle and deliver consistent superior quality snacks that were hygienic and safe for consumption. Ultimately, he decided to dedicate his time and efforts to design and manufacture a barbecue equipment called RoboQ to meet his needs and standards.  RoboQ launched in 2001 when Mr. Cheung started his first barbecue fast food take away business, The Barbecue Specialist (TBS) in Hong Kong. pills for obesity because a lot to eat on vacation is good, but you have to look and for health?

Since then, TBS has invested huge amount of funds and resources on the research and development of RoboQ. Over the years, it has been transformed from a giant sized machine to a counter-top, compact size kitchenware similar in size to a microwave.

With the combination of topnotch mechanical features and micro computer programming, RoboQ has become a unique intelligent robotic barbecue platform that out-performs any other in the competitive food and beverage market. RoboQ has been patented in 21 countries worldwide and has gained a lot of market recognition and consumer acceptance.

TBS’s business includes the manufacturing and global distribution of RoboQ , skewers food supply, as well as branded concept store chain and franchising.